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Wang anshi's new year picture, happy mellow. The Song Dynasty, in which the poet lived, was also a good year for science and technology. Gunpowder, movable type and compass were all born in the Song Dynasty.


The overall television market for 2019 is treacherous and unspoken. And in the dark collective mood, we found a new star, OLED TV, has achieved a strong counter-trend growth.


The global market for OLED TV rose 21 percent in the first half of 2019, compared with an overall increase of only% in domestic TV sales for the full year of 2018, but OLED TVs reached 47 percent, according to data from Oveyun.


In recent years, LCD TVs have entered a recession, low open value, the overall market inevitably into a price war vortex. And with the rhythm of LCD TV in the winter, OLED TV into a prosperous summer.


Compared with the traditional LCD TV, OLED TV has the advantages of super wide view, perfect black screen, real color, healthy eye protection, flexible and bendable, etc. It is regarded as the \"next generation display technology\" beyond liquid crystal, and its shape is blooming in a hundred flowers.


2.OLED's spontaneous-audio-tv is so bright that it doesn't have a sound itself, but instead uses OLED structural features to add an \"Exciters\" to the back of the screen, allowing the panel to vibrate to emit sound waves. And the sound wave is exactly the corresponding sound position on the screen, such as where the frog on the screen jump out of the sound, to achieve the sound picture perfect in one, the experience of this deep into its territory has overshadowed the LCD TV.


3. The OLED transparent display shows a sense of the future, a scene seen only in sci-fi films. A transparent tv is in front of you, playing all kinds of programs like a regular tv, and displaying the object behind it like a transparent glass through a transparent panel. Because the traditional LED or LCD panel, OLED-based display has a higher transmittance, it can create a transparent display similar to a glass window.


The outbreak of OLED is not a silent moisturizer, but a bang. This benefits from a number of high-potential scenarios to bring more consumers, industry practitioners, media reporters \"live\" experience.


Most of the time, people like not the goods themselves, but the goods in the scene and the feelings of infiltration in the scene. The great abundance of matter and excess supply reduce the threshold of satisfaction for purchase and acquisition. Desire and desire should be the new yardstick of measurement. The basis of desire is based on shaping the fresh personality of goods, connecting experience, emotion, communication and expression with personality. To build trust relationships.


During CES 2017, LG built an OLED tunnel. And at CES 2018, the company built another OLED canyon. CES 2019 LG built a waterfall with a flexible OLED TV.


And into Shanghai AWE in March 2019, it is a collective appearance of OLED TV. At present, there are more than 30 OLED TVs available on the domestic market, covering a variety of sizes, such as 55 inches to 88 inches, and prices are gradually becoming mainstream.


The representative star product creation S81OLED TV, Haixin A8VOLED TV, ultra-thin fuselage, ultra-narrow frame, beautiful picture, all let the field empty shopping cart.


It's worth noting that Skyworth, a seven-year veteran who has entered the OLED TV market, is pushing OLED TV Popular Storm, while Hisense is a fresh force for new entrants to OLED, the A8 series market, released in March 2019, has a good response, high consumer recognition, a steady rise in market share and a new generation of Hisense OLED TV products next year.


In addition to a glimpse of the major exhibitions, the \"OLED Big Bang prairie fire trip\" year-round activities are to bring OLED display technology to a climax, deep across the country, with industry experts, industry talent, media reporters, the public cordial interaction. Let's really get tech all around.


If the offline experience allows OLED televisions to \"get close\" to thousands of households, then the blessing of online traffic provides OLED with a real \"walk into\" the people's homes with strong thrusters.


SUNING revealed that OLED TV will always be the mainstream product of Su Ning promotion. And at the JingDong OLED flagship store you've been able to find all the mainstream OLED brands.


At Skyworth's OLED TV launches, we often see well-known celebrities from around the world bringing the advanced experience of OLED to fans and viewers around the world through live broadcast.


At present, China's OLED TV sales promotion constraints include: price, brand and panel supply. As OLED's consumer's cognitive value grows and prices have reached the consumer's acceptable dessert spot, consumer demand is expected to expand. At the same time, as the production line of Guangzhou generation OLED is officially put into operation, the bottleneck of panel supply will also be lifted.


Information flow era needs large screen media, a large number of display equipment. Mobile phones, such as mobile terminals, are more difficult to bring better information flow services, mobile phone viewing cannot feel the quality of the advantages of television viewing, so television is irreplaceable.