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Feel the real temperature of the Chinese economy, witness the pace of the dream-driven era. who can represent the strongest driving force for business 2019? On January 9,2020, the 2019 Big Ten Economic Person of the Year Awards ceremony will be held in Beijing 751D MARK Grand, please look forward to it. 【】


Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state chairman, chairman of the Central Military Commission and director of the Central Committee of Finance and Economics, presided over the sixth meeting of the Central Committee of Finance and Economics on the afternoon of January 3 to study the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin and promote the construction of the double-city economic circle in Chengdu-Chongqing region. In an important speech at the meeting, Xi stressed that the Yellow River valley must make great efforts to protect and control the Yellow River basin, and follow the path of ecological protection and high-quality development.


The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to grasp the principles of ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, compile plans and strengthen implementation. It is necessary to adhere to ecological priority and green development, change from excessive intervention and excessive utilization to natural restoration and recuperation, and firmly follow the road of green and sustainable high-quality development. We insist on measuring water and focusing on saving water, resolutely curb unreasonable water demand, and promote the transformation of water use mode from extensive and inefficient to intensive saving. Adhere to measures according to local conditions, classified policy, give play to local comparative advantages, suitable grain, suitable for agriculture, appropriate work, appropriate business. Adhere to overall planning, coordinated promotion, based on the integrity of the entire watershed and ecosystem, joint efforts to protect and promote governance.


China's gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to be close to Rmb100bn in 2019, with a per capita rise to $10,000, according to the latest figures.


Experts believe that in the context of slowing world economic and international trade growth and greater downward pressure on the domestic economy, GDP has risen to a new level, indicating that China's economy is resilient and dynamic. This will lay a solid foundation for achieving the \"double\" target by 2020. In the long run, China's economic momentum is good and its potential for development is enormous, thanks to the two core driving forces of technological progress and improved production efficiency.


Color indicates that in the short term, our economy is greatly affected by external uncertainties, and the economic growth rate is likely to continue to slow in 2020. In the long run, the economic development momentum of our country is good and the long-term development potential is huge under the action of the two core driving forces of technological progress and the improvement of production efficiency. China's economic reform is becoming more and more difficult, how to further deepen the reform, release the potential of economic development, and extend the period of strategic opportunities is an important problem for our country.


China's economy will continue to grow, but growth will shift from medium-speed to medium-speed, with growth expected to range from% to 6% in 2020, Li said.


Yang Zhiyong believes that the next stage of economic growth is still optimistic, although the growth rate may continue to slow. In the long run, the economic fundamentals are still good, and the conditions for high-quality development are constantly improving. On the one hand, the state has strengthened its support for technological innovation, and more and more innovative technologies will lead to the rise of new industries and unleash the dividend of innovation.


About 25 trillion yuan of residential stock mortgage rates how to \"change anchor\" ushered in a policy conclusion. The central bank recently announced that the residential stock purchase loan rate switching clear pricing methods and re-pricing cycle.


According to the announcement, starting March 1,2020, stock floating rate loan pricing benchmark conversion to LPR appropriate. Financial institutions should negotiate with the stock floating rate lending client on the benchmark conversion terms of pricing, converting the rate pricing approach agreed upon in the original contract into a LPR-based pricing point formation (which can be negative), which is fixed for the remainder of the contract period; or convert to a fixed interest rate. Stock floating rate loan pricing benchmark conversion should in principle be completed by August 31,2020.


Specific to stock personal housing loan interest rate how to convert? The same commercial personal housing loan, converted at any time point between March and August 2020, should be equal to the difference between the most recent execution rate level of the original contract and the corresponding term LPR issued in December 2019, with the added value fixed for the remainder of the contract; the borrower and the borrower may renegotiate the repricing cycle and the repricing date, with a minimum of one year.

  例如,若某笔商业性个人住房贷款原合同期限20年,剩余期限为8年,原合同约定的利率为5年期以上贷款基准利率上浮10%,现执行利率为%×(1 10%)=%。2019年12月份发布的5年期以上LPR为%。如果借贷双方确定在2020年3月30日转换定价基准,且重定价周期仍为1年,重定价日仍为每年1月1日,那么加点幅度应为个百分点(%-%=%)。2020年3月30日至12月31日,执行的利率水平仍是%(% %)。在此后的第一个重定价日,即2021年1月1日,按照重新约定的重定价规则,执行的利率将调整为2020年12月份发布的5年期以上LPR加%,此后每年以此类推。

For example, if a commercial personal housing loan was contracted for a period of 20 years and the remaining period was 8 years, the interest rate agreed upon in the original contract was 10% above the benchmark interest rate for loans over 5 years, and the current interest rate was% x (10%)=%. The LPR over 5 years released in December 2019 is%. If the borrower and borrower set a benchmark for conversion pricing on March 30,2020, with a one-year repricing cycle and a repricing date on January 1 of each year, then the increase should be a percentage point (%-%=%). From March 30 to December 31,2020, the rate of interest applied remained at%(%). On January 1,2021, the first repricing date since then, the rate of interest executed will be adjusted to LPR plus% over the five-year period issued in December 2020, in accordance with the repricing rules agreed upon, and thereafter annually.


The Joint Procurement Office of the State Organization for Centralized Drug Purchase and Use has issued a national centralized drug purchase document, with 33 varieties included in the list of the second batch of national drug collection, covering the use of drugs for major chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, as well as drugs for anti-tumor and rare diseases.


According to the centralized procurement work arrangement, the bid opening will produce the result of the proposed selection on January 17,2020, and patients from all over the country will use the second batch of concentrated belt quantity to purchase the selected drugs in April this year. Some netizens commented that another wave of reduced prices had been \"on the way \".


The reporter combed and found that the list included acarbose, glimepiride and other oral hypoglycemic drugs; omesartan ester, candesartan ester, indapamide and other hypertension medication; treatment of rare diseases-pulmonary arterial hypertension drug Anlishengtan tablets, as well as anticancer drugs tegio, abitron and so on; as well as azithromycin, metronidazole, moxifloxacin, ceflatin and other antibiotic varieties.


It is worth noting that the second batch of national drug \"collection\" in addition to expanding varieties, procurement programs are more mature, and implemented simultaneously in the country, showing that the drug centralized belt quantity procurement system has entered into a standardized, regular operation. Some of the self-funded varieties that are not included in the health care catalogue are also added to the collection this time. Industry insiders point out that this means that self-financed drugs will also feel the \"pressure\" to reduce prices brought on by concentrated purchases.


Can you claim financial compensation without annual leave? The official WeChat of the Ministry of Human and Social Affairs released the case on the 2nd, and Xiao Chen and the company terminated the contract in 2018, and the company paid economic compensation according to law. Xiao Chen believes that he has worked for less than 10 years and less than 20 years, in 2018 there are 10 days of paid annual leave, due to work reasons have not been taken, asked the company to pay corresponding compensation for unpaid annual leave. The claim was ultimately supported by the Arbitration Commission.


Three big index slightly high open, after the opening to maintain a volatile situation, disk, transgenic, network red plate strong performance. Near the morning close, the market began to shock weak, the three major index of the whole line turned green, brokerage, gold plate changes pull up.


In the afternoon, the three major index slightly pulled up after maintaining a weak shock, on the disk, military stocks, agricultural planting plate pulled up. Near the end of the day, the index edged up, the Huawei plate continued to warm, overall, the two markets stocks rose more and less, the number of limiters continued to rise, the profit effect improved. At the close, the Prev was down%; the Shenzhen index was up%; the Shanghai index was up%.


Infinite pole (China) Co., Ltd. Shaanxi branch for false propaganda, illegal direct sales were fined 5.9 million, infinite pole with \"protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, resist exaggeration, false propaganda\" series of activities, in the end of 2019, won the \"health industry positive energy award \".


In the last three years, infinity and its sales staff have been involved in at least two death disputes, including one in which the court found that infinity dealers exaggerated the effect of their products and infinity failed to strictly manage its sales staff, the beijing youth daily reported.


In response to the award on january 3, wang dahong, founder and secretary general of the municipal work committee of the chinese health association, corrected that the award was not only for positive energy events, but also for events that have a positive impact on the development of the nutrition and health industry. Unlimited's regulatory campaign in june did meet the criteria, so it was named the top 10 positive energy events in the nutrition and health industry in 2019.


On January 3, social news site Reddit user Dio-V exposed privacy security issues on its Xiaomi camera. When Dio-V connected the Xiaomi camera to Google NestHub, he accidentally found images of other people's homes. The image clearly shows the house's various facilities and objects, including the baby's sleeping scene.


The issue quickly sparked discussions within the Reddit community. Many netizens suspect that if their own Xiaomi cameras are installed, these private scenes involving privacy will also be likely to appear on other people's electronic devices.


Google responded by saying it already understood the issue, but it had nothing to do with Google NestHub. The company has cut off access to the Xiaomi camera and will completely disable the Xiaomi integration feature on the device, and is currently contacting Xiaomi to address the issue. That means all Mijia product integration features and commands, including the Xiaomi camera, will be disabled, and Google says the ban is now in force.


Recently, China's online refereeing documents published a criminal order, revealing a huge number of criminal gang fraud cases, the gang fraud three banks 3 billion yuan agreement deposit.


China's refereeing documents network revealed that with Wei, Hu, Ren and other 13 people fraud gang through illegal processing agreement deposit business, the amount of fraud up to 3 billion yuan. Among them, and found in the criminal gang fraud process, the criminal gang to its attempted fraud, the fuzhou branch of the guangfa bank unfortunately \"recruit \", was cheated by the gang 500 million yuan.


Ding Benxi is one of Wang Jianlin's most reliant Wanda elders, who has played for Wanda for 18 years. He joined Wanda in 2001 and has served as general manager and senior vice president of Wanda Group at Wanda Business Management Development Co., Ltd. He has been president of Wanda Group since 2009.


The classic commentary on him is that he knows his business, has a tough personality, does things quickly, does not have the executive power of ding bensi, perhaps does not have this mode of operation.


He is 55 years old and has been the president and director of Wanda Commercial Management Group. Interface News learned that the current Qijie is still the president of Wanda Business Management Group.